Are you going to remake more Aurora kits?

We admit we started with 3 repop Aurora kits, but this isn't to say we want to remake everything Aurora. We have plans for a couple of more, but it's not the direction the business is headed. We want to put out new, better kits of some of the subjects we all know and love.

How come you can't do 2001 kits, or (insert favorite character here) kits?

For many characters and films, no licensing is available. We are doing our best to get some great licensing lined up, but some studios just cannot, or will not, license certain properties.

Why have so many kits been behind schedule?

That is something we hear about quite frequently. Most of it has to do with the rush on our end to get product out. I have not been as good at scheduling as I should be. I take personal blame for anything late, as I have set the dates. Things can be on schedule, but I want the best kit to go out the door, not the most timely one. Quality is our influence, not scheduling. We have had some problems with test shots on projects, and we should be getting on a much better schedule soon. We are getting ahead at this time!

Do you take suggestions for kits or products?

Gladly, but please remember we get hundreds of e-mails a week with suggestions. There isn't much we haven't heard, or as fans ourselves, haven't wished for ourselves. We're the first to realize we don't know everything, so feel free to let us know what you want. Remember, any suggestions or submissions become the property of Moebius Models and the respective studio unless other arrangements are made.

What if my kit is missing a piece?

If your kit is missing a piece, please e-mail us at customerservice@moebiusmodels.com, and we'll replace it.  We do have a small service charge for part replacement of $2.95.

My Dr. Jekyll is missing his teeth!

This was a common concern. The sealed Aurora kit we used to tool from had no teeth! We can only assume that the tooling had degraded to the point that no teeth were noticeable by 1972 or later. We did go back and retool the head with teeth, but there was no way to include this in kits already shipped. We have offered this as a replacement part for $4.95 delivered. Please note the Glow version does have the corrected head included in the kit.
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