Welcome to the Moebius Models Webstore! With the number of requests we receive every day for information on buying kits, we felt it was in the fans best interest to make them available direct from our site. It seems like some areas are not represented well enough with local shops, and many fans don't seem to have a familiar online retailer. Our philosophy has been to never compete with our retailers, and we urge you to support your local hobby shops FIRST, as they are a slowly disappearing group that is sorely needed to keep the hobby alive. We have set our prices at full retail to try to keep from competing with them. We have had to change policy on free shipping due to so many changes in the cost of shipping. A set per shipment fee of $7.95 is now standard on all orders under $100. Over $100, shipping is still free! No free shipping during sales or special promotions. If the system overcharges, we will refund immediately! Buying direct from Moebius in no way means you will get anything first, or before your local retailer. Our offices are usually the last to receive new product, as it all comes in to the West Coast, while we are East Coast based. For more information, please call us at 386-734-3599, or e-mail us at cs@clubmoebius.com. Thanks again to all of you that have made our little company a success!